Friday, 29 April 2011

Lady Cunt in the Easter Bonnet Parade

So it was a very hot day in Brighton and I tottered about on Western Street amongst the other Easter Bonnetees. There was beautiful array of bonnets.

My favourite (besides my own Cunt one of course) was one of Barbie and Ken in a risky sex position surrounded by flowers and feathers. 
This girl came third, I didn't get a look in. 

As a 5 year old girl told me, mine wasn't a BONNET, it was just SOMETHING stuck to a HAIRBAND! I almost told her what that SOMETHING was but felt that even for Lady Cunt, it would be going too far.
She did say I looked like Little Bo Peep too which quite excited me.

Second place was an elderly woman wearing a wedding dress (I think in tribute to the royal wedding... not sure, I chased after her to try get a photo but she disappeared). 

First place was a woman wearing a Carmen Miranda style Fruit Bonett which I feel was no more about Easter than mine but ho hum...

 I managed to get a photo with the Deputy Mayoress before she was whisked away by someone with a bigger camera.
 I did have a very interesting conversation with a gay guy in a stripey dress who said it was the first cunt he had ever seen. I liked his immediate, unflinching acceptance of this use of the word CUNT and let him look at my clitoris.

The nice man in purple told me his bonnet was a cunt too but his boyfriend said he was only joking... so I'll never really know. 

I met an irish man and as irish people do, we had an stumbling conversation in Gaelige. I know what I said and he knew what he was saying but not sure we really understood each other.

Lots of people did the usual "we're shocked but  very very interested" reaction and the girl who's bonnet had Barbie and Ken Fucking ran after me as I left, to take a photo. I obliged.... hoping she would let me take Third Prize but after much debate, we decided that she deserved it.

I walked away not sure if I'd really shared with other people why I was in the parade but I knew in my heart and in my cunt that I'd done my best and that was all that really mattered.

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