Friday, 29 April 2011

Beautiful Quote from a UK research into young women's perceptions of sexual pleasure within safe sex

'Safe sex is as pleasurable an experience as actual penetration. Oral sex, just things like touching somebody else's body in a very gentle way. Kissing. Appreciating one another's bodies. I think it's as much fun if not more. You concentrate on each others needs a lot more. Instead of twenty minutes of bang, bang, bang, you've got the whole night; you watch the dawn come up and you're still there. Before they know it they're converted, and they suddenly realise 'well we haven't actually done it'. [Young woman aged 21].

1 comment:

  1. Sanity. But, y'know, it's possible to do the "until dawn" (or lunchtime!) thing, the non-penetrating thing and the penetrating thing for a whole lot more than twenty minutes of bang-bang! Love, G on the West side of Canada.