Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Our Dream...

We dream of a world where we can talk openly 
and honestly about our cunts.
A world where they receive the respect and awe 
that they deserve.
         We wish for a planet where women get together and share their stories – 
the good stuff AND the bad stuff.
The light and darkness.
The joy and pain.
We want women’s creative juices to flow. To express their stories so they can let go of the pain.
We want ALL women to be aware of the 
beauty of their cunt.
To celebrate their uniqueness.
To know they are special.
We want pride to replace shame.
We can see a world in which women are taught from an early age of the power between their legs and
the potential in which they hold for pleasure.
Where they learn how to experience and 
unlock this pleasure.
We envisage women who are aware of their natural cycle and for those who bleed, to feel happy when they see their blood each month.
Delight instead of dread.
We want to be able to walk dark streets at night without being afraid that someone will hurt our cunts.
We want to feel safe.
We want our vulnerability to be respected.
We want to be able to choose whether our cunts are ready release babies or not without being judged.
We know when the timing is right.
We know that the day will come where women and men can say the word “cunt” 
without a trace of hate or anger.
It’s the most powerful word in the english language and 
we are taking it back.
It belongs to women.
We know it’s hard but we promise the more you use it in a positive way, the more the negativity slips away
and you are left with a word that is quite beautiful.
It retains its power and potency.

Somedays we become disheartened and the vision fades. 
We look around at the diabolical misinformed education in schools, the way cunts are wrongly dipicted in the media 
and mainstream pornography, 
the way the clitoris is not talked about, 
the way that women in the West are actually paying for their cunts to be cut and the fact that in the UK, there are about 3.5 million women are full of fake hormones that weakens their bones, affects their sexual pleasure and stops their menstrual flow. 
We scream with frustration. 

And other days our hearts and cunts are full of hope. 
Many incredible women are busily working underground to transform the mainstream perceptions 
of women and their cunts. 
Change is coming. 
It’s almost time. 
We can feel it. 
The tremours. 
The shakes.
The dam will burst and we will be there. 
We will be screaming here too. 
But this time overflowing with wild and wonderful joy ({*})


  1. Amazingly truthful and empowering. I am with you. Totally. Will share this to everyone around me. Thank you!

  2. Who is the ARTIST? What a beautiful painting!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Please let me know <3

  3. WOW! I want to march right out and show the world my cunt!! What a tremendously empowering monologue! Thank you for sharing with such conviction and heart! It refreshing! Peace To you and yours!