Friday, 30 September 2011

White Night - 29th October

Watch this space for the Cliterati's plans to spread the love once again on White Night. We are a campaigning against labiaplasty and the impact of pornography on young women's body image.There has been a 300% rise in labiaplasty in the last five years and it is the fasted rising plastic surgery in the UK.
This has been linked to pornography's unrealistic portrayal of female genitalia. We aim to raise awareness of the diversity and beauty of female genitalia and will have exhibitions in venues accross Brighton each
with it's own specific theme. The Cliterati will also be out on the streets handing out maps and conducting street surveys.

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  1. Ah Lady Cunt, I was just thinking of you when I read this article in the Guardian today I want to be in Brighton with you! Go for it! x Jacqui