Saturday, 19 March 2011

Update on the shenanigans of I heart my cunt

We haven't had a chance to update the blog for awhile as we have each been super busy getting about in town shouting our heads off about how the cunt truly is the core. We have been out, talking to women and men and hearing what they have to say. Some we agree with, some we don't but we learned alot in the process and we'd like to say that we still entirely stick by our original point - that the cunt cannot be ignored, that it's the time for the cunt to be celebrated.

We aim to entice women;
To get their creative juices flowing.
To listen to their core, their centre and find a way to express what they hear.
To connect with what's really going on in our bodies and learn to be gentle with ourselves.
To break down feelings of guilt and shame that we have internalised by simply being a woman in
modern society.
To begin to challenge our personal and social barriers to talking about our sexuality to each other.
To find a way to then impart new found knowledge to others so we can unite and begin celebrations together!

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