Thursday, 4 November 2010

I'm Lady Cunt

I built a wall around my lady garden
when i was young...
i was told stories, crazy stories
about someone invading my lady garden
but i don't remember
so i'll never really know if they're true

so i built a huge cold stone wall around my lady garden
it was big and protective and i felt safe
yes i did
i loved that massive wall
it looked after me
it was always there

Sometimes boys would like to visit my lady garden
I let them but i didn't like it
So i pretended
I moaned and I groaned estatically
and screamed my face off erratically
Then i cried myself asleep hopelessly

So, over time, i turned my back on my lady garden
I let everything die
the soil was parched and burnt
there was dead weeds everywhere
and it wasn't cool
no fucking way was it cool

The wall was still there, protecting, minding
but then someone threw a seed over my wall
and i felt an undescribable stirring, i got curious
what was this? little green shoots that had roots
and then a tiny beautiful flower tentitavely grew
Reaching its face up to the sky in aspiration of the future

Through further exploration,
I learnt to plant my own seeds
I've witnessed many flowers blossom
I now have bouganvillia and lavender
And I water it carefully and regularly
Butterflies come to visit occasionally in the summertime

The wall is still there
I love it too much to knock it down
But the flowers grow up around it
And there's an opening for my husband
A sweet sweet opening
to a special place inside me
Where everything is very fucking cool

I don't call it my lady garden anymore
Because I want a real name
that holds the history of womenkind
Of godesses and whores
A name that is the only one that women have
That tells our stories of pain, love and hope

It's now my Cunt
and I'm Lady Cunt



  1. You have become a Master Gardener. Way to go!

    I love to garden, sow miscellaneous seeds. I always have a wildflower garden but kept is neat.


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Hedone!

    I love gardening now!

  3. I'm a november scorpio too!! Happy Birthday to us!