Monday, 25 October 2010

Moving beyond the word

Of course it isn't just about the word, we feel that if women love their cunts more and can pleasure themselves first, then alot of the mistakes we make in sexual encounters as young women could be possibly avoided. These obviously are the ones we have control over and does not include when cunts are treated badly and forcefully. We will talk about violence against cunts around the world and take a stand against it. This includes rape, forced prostitution, female genital mutulation and also labia reconstruction which women are actually paying to have done.

We also want to promote the love and respect of the cunt to young men, old men.. ALLstraight men. As one guy told us... "straight men spend the first nine months of their lives trying to get out of a cunt and the rest of their lives trying to get back in!" It is more difficult for a woman to reach orgasm and mostly the bang bang that alot of men like just doesn't cut it... this can lead to all sorts of psychological impacts on women who wonder why they don't like sex and if there is something wrong with them. We want blokes to think about how they can pleasure women and what it feels like for us.

Quoting the Vagina Monologues - " The clitoris is an organ created for pleasure. It has 8000 nerve fibres, which is more than those at the fingertips, lips, tongue and twice as many as the penis!"

Cunts come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Each and every single one is unique and they are ALL beautiful. If you haven't already, get a mirror or a camera and have a look down there, explore and have fun! Then come and tell us all about it! We want to start dialogue with women about cunts and if possible, share tips!

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  1. It`s simply ridiculous that there are no comments on this.