Thursday, 9 September 2010

We advocate the pleasure approach to sexual health education

What is the main reason the people have sex? The pursuit of pleasure!

We believe that everyone has a right to sexual pleasure and that it should be just that;
a human right included in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

We believe that this would be the first step to empowering the cunt and women all
over the world. 

Sexual entitlement and ways of experiencing sexual pleasure should be taught in school rather
than being seen as dirty and shameful.

Masturbation WILL NOT make you go blind and in fact is an intimate way of getting to know yourself better. It is a way to prepare yourself for sex with a partner and should be encouraged or at least discussed in schools.

The promotion of masturbation along with ways of giving and receiving pleasure without having actual penetrative sex has the potential to be an effective way of preventing teenage pregnancies and the spread of STIs and HIV. 

This can only happen alongside a more open, realistic discourse when discussing sex, sexual risks and sexual health in a classroom setting.

We demand that the days of a sweaty, uncomfortable, red-faced science teacher or priest showing dated and uninspiring videos end!

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